Schools of Hamilton County, Illinois - 1821 to 2016

This page is a complete listing of all known schools in Hamilton County, Illinois since its formation in 1821.  The intent is to provide a list of schools, present a brief history, and then include any photos or documentation that has been located for that school.

If you can add to or correct any information presented or if you have any document/photo that you wish to contribute to this project, please contact us at

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Aden Anderson Antioch Barefoot Barnes Beaver Creek
Belle Prairie Big Hill Blairsville Boster Braden Broughton
Buckingham Buckskin Bunker Hill Burnt Hill Cantrell Cates
Center Flannigan Center Twigg Cherokee
(Taylor Town)
Concord Cooper Cornerville
Dahlgren Dale Delafield Doeskin East Rural Hill East Side
Elm Grove Fairview Farris Flannigan Garrison Gunter
Harrawood Helm Hickory Corner Hoodville Jennings Johnson
Little Hill Logansport Lower Aden Macedonia Mary's Chapel Mason
Maulding Mayberry McLeansboro McLeansboro HS Metcalf Middle Creek
Moore's Prairie Moorman Mt. Pleasant
(Cut Off)
O'Possum Creek Oak Grove Odle
Old Cantrell Olga Oliver Parker's Prairie Pig Ridge Piopolis
Plainview Preston Pulliam/Pullium Pyrtle Rally Hill Reed
Richardson Hill
(Strip School)
Seminary Shady Grove Smith Sneed Sulphur Springs
Sunnyside Sutton Texas Grove Thackery Thomas Turner
Union (KP) Union (Twigg) Walpole Walters Weldin West Rural Hill
West Side White Williams Yale York Young (Wildcat)

Generic School Image

Aden 1-room schoolhouse.

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