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Elm Grove School - Hamilton County, Illinois

This school was located in South Crouch Township near the intersection of County Roads 1500N and 900E. It was an active school from before 1850 to 19yy. It served grades __ to __.

The following information about Elm Grove School is by Zelia Davis

We aren't sure just when the Elm Grove school was organized. Anderson Daily acquired the land in 1836 and later gave an acre of ground for the school house.

The first record we have of the school was when Blooming Grove Church was organized in the school building in 1850. This building was located in a field west of what was later the Tom Daily home. It was constructed of logs with logs split and pegged for seats with a fireplace for heat.

They say it was a common site to see deer playing along Anderson Creek just west of the schoolhouse.

This log building was later moved to the Bill Moore farm and used for a crib and burned just a few years ago.

The second school building was located in the northeast corner of what is now Blooming Grove cemetery.

In 1854, Blooming Grove church members decided to build a church building. Anderson Daily again donated an acre of ground for this purpose.

In their records, this was to be used as a school building. This also was of log construction with a fireplace used for heat. The seats were made of logs split and smoothed on the flat side and had wooden pegs for legs. According to some of the residents, the crooked tree on the southeast corner of the present churchyard was used by the children of this school for a see-saw.

The third schoolhouse was built in 1874. On May 22, 1874, John W. Daily and wife gave a deed for one acre of land to the trustees of Elm Grove School to be used for school purposes as long as school was permanently conducted.

This land is located in the southwest corner of what is now known as the Bill Moore farm, and was on the hill just west of Anderson Creek.

School was held here until 1894 when the building burned. The teacher and most of the children came to school the next morning not knowing that the schoolhouse had burned in the night.

Some of the children had to cross Anderson Creek by walking a log to get to school and more than one fell in the creek.

The following information is from The Golden Era 9 March 1877, a report from John P. Stelle, County Superintendent of Schools

Elm Grove School, Township 2, Range 4, Section 7, taught by Miss Luella Stelle. The house is a good frame, door in the south, three large windows east and west; ceiling high, good desk seats, good blackboard.

The room is tastefully decorated with evergreens and the windows are curtained, giving a cheerful, home-like appearance. There are 55 pupils enrolled, 39 of whom are present, several nearly grown of both sexes.

There are two classes in history, and several in arithmetic, ranging from simple multiplication to decimal fractions - all doing very well, and carefully drilled in principles. Grammar and geography are also doing well, and the school is pretty well drilled in the phonetic key.

The manner of teaching is very good, and the government is reasonable.



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