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Dale School - Hamilton County, Illinois

This school was located in Twigg Township near the intersection of County Roads 600N and 1100E. It was an active school from 19xx to 2003. It served grades __ to __.

The following information about the Dale School was taken from "Dale - A Timber Town" By Charles Hatton:

The following information was obtained from Edgar Satterfield, Building Principal concerning the Personnel at Dale Attendance Center for 1975:

The first school building is said to have been east of Dale at just about the township line and shared with the Harrawood district.

Newspaper articles:

April 8, 1884 - Our public school commenced last week with John Lasater in the chair.-Leader

July 4, 1884 - John Frazier has just got through taking census for this school district and reports 170 children.

Our public school will close next Saturday. J. C. Lasater is a good teacher and knows how to train the little ones.-Leader

Oct. 1884 - Our school is doing well under the management of D. R. Poyner - Leader

Arthur Allen in an open letter published Sep. 9, 1914, says that while he was postmaster at Dale between 1908 and 1914, a second room was added to the school.

Some young woman, and I can't remember her name, came to teach primary grades at Dale about 1913-14 and married Wilson Clark before the year was up.

Mabel Williams came to teach the primary grades and married Estes St. Clair. Ida Prince came to teach the primary grades and married Newton Clark. Geneva Webb came to teach the primary grades and married Wilford F. (Frog) Martin.

Newspaper articles:

Mar. 11, 1915 - Clarence Thompson and Mrs. Geneva Webb-Martin closed a very successful term of school here Mar. 5. Those in perfect attendance during the entire term of school were: Amy Kittinger, Marie and Grace Jones, Lucian Clark, Cloyd and Cecil Jones, Trafton Lemay, Ernest Johnson, Arthur and Eddie Jones.

Sep. 2, 1915 - School opened Monday with good attendance. John Hardesty and Mabel Williams, teachers.

I copied the above two items from the files of the McLeansboro Times. But vividly in my memory is the fact that John Hardesty whipped one boy nearly every day after school had been in session a little while. Hardesty was a poor disciplinarian.

He wore a stiff cady hat to school and by the time school was out in the spring, the brim just hung by a very little bit, the boys had snowballed that cady until there was not much left of it, yet he wore it until the end of school. Clarence Thompson taught the nest term of school and when this boy boasted that last year the teacher whipped me every day, Mr. Thompson just said, "You won't want but one of mine." And this proved to be true, one was enough for the whole year.

Dr. C. W. Johnson taught school at Dale before he became a doctor. George Campbell, Pearl Friel, John Hardesty, Earl Miller, Clarence Thompson, Robert R. Johnson, Charles H. Gott, Iris Richardson, Wheeler Irvin, Ada Friel, Iva Harrawood and Edna Mayberry were among others teaching at Dale.

Arthur Irvin who was principal of the Dale Consolidated School District for 17 years, has the following to say concerning the Dale School:

"The Dale Community Consolidated School District 98 was constructed in 1948-50. The building is an all brick building which cost $156,000 and is a completely modern one-story building. The building has a combined gymnasium-auditorium in the center with eight class rooms, a cafeteria, hallways, closets and lockers built around it. There is a stage in the gym. Built-in bleachers will accommodate 250 or more persons.

"The building was one of the first constructed under the state consolidation law. This consolidated district was the first to be organized in Hamilton County and the first in the county to move into a new building. The Broughton Consolidated District was the first to begin meeting under the same roof, but they used an existing building.

"When first organized, the consolidated district was composed of all nine school districts in Twigg Township. Three of the nine withdrew, leaving the following six as part of the consolidation: Dale Dis. No. 51, Parker's Prairie No. 46, Center Twigg No. 50, Barefoot No. 52, Union #9 No. 53, and Mary's Chapel No. 47.

"The first school board members of the consolidated school were: O. B. Darrough, president; Lester St. Clair, clerk; Joel Hammons; Lee Irvin; Elmer Satterfield; Albert Davis and Ralph Essary.

"Teachers at the time of entered the new building were: Essie Grabel, first and second grades; Verla Lamkin, third; Clara Freeman, fourth; Frank Johnson, fifth; Robert H. Irvin, sixth; Ralph Smith, seventh and coach; Arthur Irvin, eighth and superintendent.

"Cafeteria employees: Nora Barker and Mrs. John St. Clair.

"Custodian: Harley Essary.

"Bus drivers: Stanley Webb and Herman Hutcheson.

"The building was first occupied in the school year of 1950-51.

TEACHERS: Karen Kreher, K; Isabel Davis, first grade; Karen Lewis, second grade; Ione Darnell, third grade; Beatrice A. Johnson, fourth grade; Joan Johnson, fifth grade and home economics; Grace Poppins, Lang-Spelling and penmanship; Richard E. Lasswell, Math-Science; James D. Johnson, social studies - P.I.; Suzanne Simich, remedial reading.


SCHOOL LUNCH PERSONNEL - Wanda Crain, Frances Branch

BUS DRIVERS - Carl Burnett, Phillip Lager, Coy Braden, Herman Hutcheson, Paul Dye, Kay Sloan, Delores Taylor

CUSTODIANS - Hayden Allardin, P.C. Dye

ITINERANT TEACHERS - Michael Bennett, industrial arts; Vera Blackman, speech; Regina Bolatto, art; Wilburn Grubb, P.E.; Jerry Prince, band; Diane Hill, music; Charlene Vaughan, guidance; Ruth Adams, nurse.

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Class Pictures
1873 (or 1893) 1907 (1) 1907 (2) 1908 1909 1910
1912 1930s (1) 1930s (2) 1930s (3) 1934-5 1936-7
1943-4 1950-1, 1st & 2nd Grades 1950-1, 3rd Grade 1951-2, 1st & 2nd Grades 1951-2, 3rd Grade 1952-3, 7th Grade
1953-4, 3rd Grade (1) 1953-4, 3rd Grade (2) 1953-4, 7th Grade 1953-4, 8th Grade (1) 1953-4, 8th Grade (2) 1954-5, 8th Grade
1955-6, 5th Grade 1956-7, 7th Grade 1957-8, 1st Grade 1958-9, 2nd Grade 1959-60, 3rd Grade 1960-1, 4th Grade
1960-1, 8th Grade 1961-2, 5th Grade 1962-3, 6th Grade 1963-4, 1st Grade 1963-4, 7th Grade 1964-5, 2nd Grade
1964-5, 8th Grade 1965-6, 1st Grade 1965-6, 3rd Grade 1966-7, 2nd Grade 1966-7, 4th Grade 1967-8, 3rd Grade
1967-8, 5th Grade 1968-9, 4th Grade 1969-70, 5th Grade 1970-1, 6th Grade 1970-1, 8th Grade 1971-2, 7th Grade
1972-3, 8th Grade 1978-9, Kindergarten 1978-9, 1st Grade 1978-9, 2nd Grade 1978-9, 3rd Grade 1978-9, 4th Grade
1978-9, 5th Grade 1978-9, 6th Grade 1978-9, 7th Grade 1978-9, 8th Grade Unknown 1 Unknown 2
Unknown 3, Teacher, Robert Johnson          
1942 Basketball 1951-2 Basketball 1952-3, BB Team & Cheerleaders 1953 Basketball 1953-4, BB Team & Cheerleaders 1954-5, BB Team & Cheerleaders
1956-7, BB Team & Cheerleaders 1957-8, BB Team & Cheerleaders (1) 1957-8, BB Team & Cheerleaders (2) 1960-1, BB Team & Cheerleaders 1961-2, BB Team & Cheerleaders 1962-3, BB Team & Cheerleaders
1964-5, BB Team & Cheerleaders 1964-5, Cheerleaders 1977-8 7th Grade BB Team & Cheerleaders 1978-9, Cheerleaders (1) 1978-9, Cheerleaders (2) 1978-9 Basketball Team A
1978-9 Basketball Team B          
1956-7, Band 1957-8, Band        

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