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Bunker Hill School - Hamilton County, Illinois

This school was located in Beaver Creek Township near the intersection of County Roads 1800N and 1500E. It was an active school from 1 April 1878 to 1956. It served grades __ to __.

The following article was published in the 25 July 1974 issue of the Times-Leader. It was by Leslie L. York.

The following information is compiled from various sources.

The following article has been published almost completely as it was written in note form by the author, for a former editor of the Times-Leader. Since the writing, the author has retired from teaching, after having spent in excess of 44 years as an educator.

Bunker Hill was a one-room rural school located in Beaver Creek Township, Hamilton County, Illinois.

Prior to April 1, 1878, there were only three schools in the above township. On the above date, three more were added, making a total of six schools. These six school districts were numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. On April 28, 1890, District 1 was divided into two districts, and the new district was No. 7.

Between April 8, 1901 and April 11, 1902, the above districts were renumbered as 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 and 67.

District 62 was Bunker Hill, which came into being on April 1, 1878, but was known as District 2 before the above date.

From the Trustees' records of April 1, 1878, the description of District 62 is as follows: "Commencing in the northeast corner of Section 3, thence south 4 mile to the southeast corner of Section 21, thence 4 mile north to the northwest corner of Section 4, thence 2 mile east to place of beginning." This description still fits Bunker Hill as of January 4, 1960.

The original school building was destroyed by fire about December 20, 1915. Then followed about two years litigation over the site for the new building. Some of the patrons wished to erect the new building 3/8 mile west of the old site, which was the exact center of the Township, both ways, and the center of Bunker Hill District, east and west. Finally, the new building was erected on an acre of land that adjoined directly the old site on the west. The old site contained ½ acre and the new site one acre. This last building was erected in the summer of 1919. This building reposed there many years as a "bulwark of education," having been under my direction as teacher for 16 years.

The assessed valuation of Bunker Hill in 1947-1948 was $490,985. I gave this as a sort of average figure. During recent years, and even now many oil wells have come and are still coming to this district. Some two dozen or more new ones have been completed. The assessed valuation may probably be much higher.

I have selected this item from the Trustees' records: "April 1, 1871, received of G. B. Robinson, County Supt. Of Schools of Hamilton County, Illinois, $423.73 distributive share of state tax, fines and County funds for 1871." After deducting $38.59 from the above amount for expenses, the remaining $390.16 was apportioned thus: District 1 received $147.81, District 2 (Bunker Hill) received $107.37 and District 3 got $174.98.

The teacher for the year was a Mr. Charles Lasater, who received the enormous sum of $35.00 per month for his services. District 2 (Bunker Hill) had 90 children during the above year between the ages of six and 21 years. The above number of children drew $14.40 as distributed by the trustees. A Box of chalk cost .25 in 1888.

The school has heated by a wood stove in 1888 and later years. On March 17, 1890, Mr. J. E. Buck was paid .85 for wood. During the year 1890-1891, Mr. M. E. Buck was paid $28.00 per month as teacher.

In 1900, my father, W. P. York, received $37.50 per month for teaching Bunker Hill. On March 19, 1900, the Board of District No. 62 paid $35.00 for a similar task. In 1890, the school treasurer received $40.00 for a year's salary. The treasurer for several years of the same schools received $200.00 per annum. The fuel bill (wood) for the year (1890-91) was $8.88.

Judge of Hamilton County, W. W. Daily, taught Bunker Hill School in 1902-03 for $38.25 per month.

The insurance on the school in 1908 cost $18.00. That's the first record I can find of any insurance on the building.

In 1913, the clerk of the school board of Bunker Hill received $5 for his services. In 1950, the clerk received $35.00. I received $225.00 per month as teacher. I could go on and on citing figures and excerpts from the official records, but it might become dry and stale to my instructor, Mr. John I. Wright, in Illinois history.


Since July 1, 1944, I served as school treasurer of Beaver Creek Township, Hamilton County, which gave me access to the official records of the schools of the above township, of which Bunker Hill is one. All excerpts or quotations were taken from the trustees' records.
On March 23, 1906, I was born in Bunker Hill school district 62. I received all my elementary schooling there. I lived exactly 1 mile from where I was born and have never been away for anytime other than attending school. Personally, I feel like a source of authority on Bunker Hill since 1912. If there is any particular part or phase of the history of Bunker Hill that you'd like to know more about, I'd be happy to check the records, if it occurred prior to 1912.

Bunker Hill School was started in 1878.

It was located in Beaver Creek Township about two miles west of Bungay.

The original school building was destroyed by fire about December 20, 1915. A new building was erected in 1919 on an acre of land that adjoined directly to the old site to the west.

In July 1953, Bunker Hill became a consolidated district, which also included Doeskin and Thomas and was the only one-room, one teacher consolidated school in Hamilton County, probably in the state of Illinois.

Leslie York was the Superintendent and sole teacher. This consolidation lasted until 1956, when it combined with Buckskin, Thackeray, Blairsville, Rally Hill, Cut-Off (Mt. Pleasant) and Mason, to form the Beaver Creek School District #105.


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