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Blairsville School (Lost End School) - Hamilton County, Illinois

This school was located in Beaver Creek Township near the intersection of County Roads 1800N and 1300E. It was an active school from 18xx to 19yy. It served grades __ to __.

The following information was taken from an article by Estill Drewin titled Old 'Country School' Blairsville School published in the Mcleansboro Times-Leader, February 1977.

The following information ...

If you are sixty years old or older, you will remember the old country school.

I will never forget the day that I started to school, in the fall of 1914. I was seven years old.

The school was at Blairsville. That morning I stood outside until school took up. I was so afraid of the teacher, (who to me, looked like a big bad guy) that he had to come out and get me. The teacher was Mr. Chester Moore.

There is a lot that can be said about the one-room school at Blairsville. In the early 1920's, we did not have a big bell on top of the school house, so the teacher had a hand bell that he would ring to bring the school to order. Later we got a big bell for the top of the schoolhouse.

Back in those days, they had the wide seats. Three pupils could sit in them. My two brothers and I all sat in the same seat. The girls sat on the south side of the school and the boys sat on the north side.

We would take our dinner in a tin bucket, all brothers and sisters ate together out of the same bucket. We would set our dinner out in the little room at the front on some shelves. The boys on the north side and the girls on the south side.

In the center of the house was a big pot-belly stove. In cold weather, the ones that sat close to it would get too hot, the ones in the back of the house would freeze.

In the fall of the year when the weather was pretty, we would play out-of-doors. There were several games that we played, some of them were: Black Man, Drop the Handkerchief and Dare Base, but the one game that I remember so well was called "Needles Eye." There were two girls and the rest were boys. The two girls would hold their hands up high over their heads, with their hands together for a line of boys to pass between them, the girls would sing a little song that goes like this:

"Needle eye, dust that fly
Thread that run so truly,
Many a beau that I let go
Because I love you truly."

Then the girls would bring their hands down and around the boy that they wanted. I don't remember just how the game ended.

There were about 60 pupils in our school, some of the pupils were young men and women. Some of them went to school until they were 18 years of age, many taking the eighth grade twice.

Mornings when school would come to order, we would sing three or four songs, we would sing World War and Civil War songs. I remember some of the songs were: "Just Before the Battle Mother, Over There, Tramp, Tramp the Boys are Marching." We also sang church songs.

The people who went to school with me in those early years, may well remember our old school days at the Blairsville School.

There was three generations that went to this school. My Mother, me and my daughter, Jewell.
My Grandpaw Drew gave the ground where the schoolhouse was and also the ground where Pleasant Union Church now stands.


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