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On Feb. 15, 2018, the McLeansboro Gazette hit the newsstands for the very first time.

The weekly paper took the place of the Times-Leader after it’s closing on Hamilton County’s paper of record since 1869.

The Gazette aims to become Hamilton County’s community newspaper, publishing every Thursday to serve the needs of readers and advertisers in McLeansboro and Hamilton County.

The paper is owned by C&R Media and operated by publishers Rick Campbell of West Frankfort and Jerry Reppert of Anna. C&R Media falls under the umbrella of Reppert Publications with 18 weekly publications in Southern Illinois. All Reppert Publications strive to provide local coverage to their respective communities.

A ‘Remember When’ section has become a welcome addition to the McLeansboro Gazette. The section features photos from Hamilton County’s past, including newspaper photos and any other memorabilia members of the community would like to share. Old articles or stories about Hamilton County are also welcome. Along with this ‘Remember When’ section, the Hamilton County Historical Society will be contributing articles with stories of Hamilton County’s history.

The McLeansboro Gazette is a weekly paper and costs $45 for a year’s subscription to those within McLeansboro or $47 to those elsewhere in the county.

Click HERE to view a PDF copy of a recent edition.

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Brett Templeton, Editor

McLeansboro Gazette

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