2014 HCHS Open House

The Open House for the 50th Anniversary of the Hamilton County Historical Society was held 7 December 2014 at the McCoy Library. Below are some pictures of the event.


Open House Group Picture in front of the library.
Back row L-R: Katlyn Teffertiller, Bob Barker, Ron Nelson, Donetta Reed
Front row L-R: Anna Shelton, Marion Russell, Andy Rubenacker, Doris Nelson


Open House Group Picture inside the library.
Standing L-R: Bob Barker, Andy Rubenacker, Doris Nelson, Ron Nelson, Katlyn Teffertiller
Seated L-R: Marion Russell, Anna Shelton, Donetta Reed


Bob Barker as Chalon Cloud


Doris Nelson as Mary Ellen McCoy


Andy Rubenacker as Chalon McCoy


Anna Shelton as Eleanor Cloud


Marion Russell as Aaron Cloud


Katlyn Teffertiller as the Maid


Donetta Reed as the Cook


Donetta Reed as the Cook & Katlyn Teffertiller as the Maid


Chalon & Mary Ellen McCoy (Andy & Doris)


Aaron & Eleanor Cloud (Marion & Anna)