2013 Cemetery Walk.

The 2013 Cemetery Walk had to be held inside the old high school gym due to inclement weather.

The persons being portrayed this year and their portrayers were:

Samuel M. O'Neal (1846-1912) - portrayed by Andy Rubenacker
Sarah A. Jordan (1846-1919) - portrayed by April Tennyson
Sarah A. Leslie (1862-1934) - portrayed by Anna Shelton
Paul Edwards (1889-1924) - portrayed by Rick Moore
Amie Carpenter Walker (1854-1931) - portrayed by Jean Smith
Mary A. Pake (1845-1936) - portrayed by Doris Nelson
Carter Tarrant (1763-1816) a War of 1812 Chaplain - portrayed by Ron Nelson

Click on each name for a picture and the associated speech.


A couple of images from the High School gym where the walk was held:


Bob Prince by the front door.


Ryan Nelson at the Publications table.

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