Here are some pictures from the Fall Festival Parade, 15 September 2012.

The Historical Society had a float for the first time ever! The theme was Community Pride, and we said Community Pride is our Heritage. Some of us dressed up and walked beside the float and handed out papers about the next Cemetery Walk in May 2013. Click on any image to load a much higher resolution image in a new window.

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2012 Fall Festival Parade


Fall Festival Parade 1

Ron Nelson standing in front of the float.


Fall Festival Parade 2

Doris Nelson in front of float.


Fall Festival Parade 3

Ray Tarlton drove his tractor to pull the float. Two of his grandchildren rode on the tractor with him. Ray worked hard on that tractor getting it all shined up and painted for the parade. It was beautiful and shined like a new penny.


Fall Festival Parade 4

Waiting for the parade to start: Brenda Tarlton, Ron Nelson, Doris Nelson, Marie Sadler, Donetta Reed, & Jean Smith. Donetta Reed did a great job getting the float together. She also got most of the costumes for us to wear. We wouldn't have had the float if it wasn't for her.

Fall Festival Parade 5

Marie Sadler in front of the float.


Fall Festival Parade 6

Seven persons rode on the float while the others walked beside it. Those riding were Anna Shelton, Gracia Spaulding, Bill Malottke, Marion Russell, Pat Russell, Howard Ritchey, and Brenda Tarlton sitting in rocking chair.


Fall Festival Parade 7

Those who rode had a lot of fun waving to the crowd.