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2012 HCHS Cemetery Walk



The 3rd annual Hamilton County Cemetery Walk was a great success.   It gets bigger and better every year, thanks to organizer, Donetta Reed (see image on the right).  

It was held Saturday, May 12, 2012 from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Seven people, dressed in period costumes, were out in the IOOF Cemetery standing beside the tombstone of the person they were portraying. Each person told the story of their life as if they were that person.

There was a table with the Historical Society books for sale and a collection of old school pictures was on display. There were refreshments and a drawing. Every 10-15 minutes, a van took people out to the cemetery to go through the walk.

The Silver Band from Mt. Vernon kept people entertained on the square by playing period music from the 1800's while they were waiting to be taken to the cemetery on the van.  Several groups enjoyed the walk back through time as seven past citizens were brought to life by members of the Historical Society.

We heard lots of good comments and are looking forward to next year’s event.

The participants were:

Doris Nelson as Elizabeth Jane Cottingham Hooker (1839-1922)

Ron Nelson as Charles Murphy Huffstutler (1860-1920)
Vernia Moore as Diannah Richards (1834-1914)
Howard Ritchey as Charles J. Niksch (1874-1916). Howard entertained the crowd with his Jews harp during his presentation.
Rick Moore as Newton Malone (1852-1922)
Jean Smith as Anna Farris (1868-1915)
Penny VanWinkle as Pvt. Benjamin Munsell (1876-1964), who served in the Spanish-American War.